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When components are mission-critical our helium leak testing services ensure that your components were manufactured properly and prove the integrity of the laser welding process.

Meets INDUSTRY Standards For Calibration And Traceability

helium leak testing services

Helium Leak Testing Services 

Our leak tester is calibrated before each test session and is traceable to MIL and ASTM standards.


  1. Certification stating the model and serial number of the leak tester.
  2. The results of the test and/or leak rate for each item. 
  3. The calibration parameters performed before each test session.

Standard vacuum and “bomb chamber” testing are available.

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“We trust the guys at Rache Corp because they know how important the details are in our industry.  Their attention to detail is second to none.”

– Dave Q

In-House Testing Capabilities Include…

Helium Mass Spectrometer

  • Bell Jar
  • Detector Probe
  • Helium Bomb
  • Hermeticity
  • Leak Location
  • Vacuum/Spray

Pressure Testing

  • Burst
  • Bubble
  • Hydraulic
  • Hydrostatic
  • Pneumatic
  • Pressure Decay
  • Pressure Probe
  • Proof Pressure
  • Sniffer

Units Tested

  • Aerospace/Space Applications
  • Brazed Joints
  • Chambers
  • Chassis
  • Completed & Sub Assemblies
  • Dewers
  • Ducts
  • Feedthroughs
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Manifolds
  • Medical Implant Devices
  • Microwave Housings
  • O-Rings & Seals
  • Piping
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Semi Conductor Equipment
  • Spools
  • Vacuum Systems and Components
  • Valves
  • Weldments

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